Why Every Athlete Should Pay Attention to 'The Playbook by Magic Johnson'

The Playbook by Magic Johnson

Most people know Magic Johnson has a tremendously successful brand that dates back to his playing days at Michigan State.

Movie theaters, Starbucks, the Dodgers, you name it.

Perhaps his most impressive endeavor to date, however, is not the physical companies and organizations he pioneers, but one in which very few people probably realize he's making additional, scalable income. And, one in which the value of his personal brand exponentially grows every day, therefore leading to other, more lucrative financial opportunities down the road.

The Playbook by Magic Johnson

Enter: The Playbook by Magic Johnson, an online media property in which Magic shares his insights and expertise about topics such as:

Significantly More Scalable Income

This online media property is more than just an opportunity for Magic to grow his brand as a successful entrepreneur (which, not to mention, could lead to more speaking opportunities, book deals and several other opportunities). It's also an opportunity for Magic and his team to generate significantly more scalable income, in order to:

  1. Cover the media property's current and long-term overhead, and
  2. Create reinvestment for even greater, more robust monetization in the future

In fact, Magic is already monetizing the media property via Criteo's personalized online display advertisements (the 1-800-Flowers.com ad in the screen shot below).

The Playbook by Magic Johnson

Here are a few additional ways in which Magic and his team can drive significantly more scalable income for The Playbook by Magic Johnson:

1. Digital Products 🖥

Since Magic and his team are presumably growing an audience for this media property, they could leverage it to sell a variety of digital products, such as online video courses featuring Magic and even some of his notable business friends.

2. Physical Products 📒

Perhaps Magic and his team are interested in developing a suite of products related to business, leadership and personal growth. A few examples off the top of my head: journals, notebooks, business card holders, smart phone cases, stress balls, and even lifestyle products like apparel and sporting goods.

3. Membership Club 🔑

Magic and his team could really kick it up a notch by creating a membership program in which monthly paying members receive exclusive content, opportunities and even some sort of access to Magic.

4. Sponsored Content 📝

The media property could offer a suite of sponsorship packages, in which brands that want to align themselves with Magic and his media property pay to be featured in content on the website and its other platforms (e.g. social media).

5. Affiliate Marketing 📊

Magic and his team could identify products via Amazon's Affiliate Program and strategically interweave them into various types of content (e.g. "Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read, According to Magic Johnson").

While Magic Johnson has certainly worked long and hard to cultivate an A-list brand, any athlete who is dedicated to strategically building a personal brand can leverage these strategies and tactics to drive additional, scalable income and maximize their financial opportunities, both now and in the future.

About the Author:

Josh Hoffman is the Chief Strategy Officer at The Institute for Athlete Branding and Marketing. Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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