3 Influencer Marketing Strategies for Sports Marketing and PR Agencies

Photo by Deklerk Basson on Unsplash

Photo by Deklerk Basson on Unsplash

We know that fans increasingly watch and attend sporting events because of the athletes who participate in them. In other words, athletes have exponentially greater influence over fans than leagues, teams, traditional media and sponsors.

That's why it's imperative for sports marketing and PR agencies, firms and practitioners to develop influencer marketing strategies, so as to achieve traditional sports marketing and PR objectives for their clients.

Here are three strategies to start with:

1. Sponsored Content

Leading up to, during and after an event, spearhead original content production that strategically features relevant athletes and promotes their personal brand, while maximizing PR/marketing goals and objectives — paid for by event sponsors and/or sponsors that specifically want to position themselves within this content.

As an alternative, use the YouTube Partner Program and Facebook Instant Articles to generate revenues from the original content.

For athletes who may not be so willing to volunteer their time and likeness for inclusion in the content production, use revenues from the sponsors, YouTube Partner Program and/or Facebook Instant Articles  to compensate them.

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2. Incentive Program

Develop a merit-based program that appropriately incentivizes relevant athletes and other public figures to strategically participate in the promotion of the event — before, during and after it concludes — according to PR/marketing goals and objectives.

Consider a custom affiliate marketing program, in which these athletes and public figures receive a percentage of the sales they generate, or a cost-per-engagement model.

3. Custom Content Studio

For the forward-thinking and entrepreneurial marketing and PR folks, consider creating an in-house content studio that allows you to produce said original content, giving you another profit center from which to service your clients.

About the Author:

Josh Hoffman is the Chief Strategy Officer at The Institute for Athlete Branding and Marketing. Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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