Athlete Brand Website Tour: Blake Griffin, NBA Forward

A screenshot of the homepage on

A screenshot of the homepage on

NBA forward Blake Griffin recently launched a new website, designed and developed by liquidfish.

Scouting Report: Blake Griffin's Athlete Brand Website


✅ Provides a 360-degree view of Blake and his personality, both on and off the court

✅ Features Blake's professional logo, a staple for any athlete brand

✅ Extremely interactive, intuitive and visually engaging, both on desktop and mobile versions

✅ Fan email address capture

✅ Features a heavy dose of visual content (photos and videos)

✅ Promotes Blake's current and past partners (sponsors)

✅ Above-average Domain Authority and Page Authority


❌ Lacks a blog

❌ Lacks a podcast

❌ Lacks Blake's complete life story

❌ Lacks a Lead Magnet

❌ Lacks a contact page

❌ Fan email address capture lacks adequate on-site exposure to maximize submissions

❌ Lacks an automated email after fans submit their email address on the website

❌ Social media channels lack adequate on-site exposure to maximize new followers

❌ Sponsors are not featured on the homepage

❌ Lack of measurable and scalable revenue streams, including a membership club, affiliate marketing, e-commerce and online advertising

Photo Courtesy:

Photo Courtesy:

To truly give fans the ultimate athlete brand experience and maximize additional, scalable income generated from his website, here are a few strategies, systems and tactics Blake can start deploying today:

Add a blog and podcast to Blake's website.

If used effectively, a blog is a game-changer for any website, but especially for an athlete's website.

By incorporating a variety of blogging styles — articles, listicles, lookbooks, vlogs (video blogs) — athletes can strategically:

  • Publish original content on an owned media property that provides fans with a variety of lenses through which they vicariously experience an athlete's life on and off the field — a proposition that deepens the athlete-fan relationship and increases the value of an athlete brand
  • Capture extensive fan data, which can be leveraged in negotiations with teams, sponsors and other stakeholders
  • Generate additional, scalable income for the athlete via online advertising, sponsored content, e-commerce, and affiliate marketing
  • Enhance the fan experience, which creates a unique value proposition that can be leveraged in negotiations with teams, sponsors and other stakeholders

The other benefit of a blog is increased search engine optimization, since original content will appear in relevant searches more often, ultimately driving more people to an athlete's website.

In terms of podcasting, audio-only content pays dividends (literally) for an athlete brand, including online advertising (podcast sponsors and sponsored content) and affiliate marketing. Not to mention, it's another tremendous opportunity to connect with fans, and for fans to further connect with their favorite athletes.

Blogging for Athletes

Create an automated onboarding series.

After fans give their email address to an athlete, they should receive an automatic email, most likely content associated with a Lead Magnet. However, the buck doesn't stop here.

In order to build and systematize fan loyalty and brand equity at scale, athletes should "onboard" fans (better familiarize fans with the athlete, mainly off the field) via a series of automated emails that are immediately and automatically triggered.

By providing upfront and lasting value to fans, athletes will develop a deeper, more profound relationship with their fans, which translates to a massively profitable athlete brand.

Here are a few thought-starters to consider in an athlete's automated onboarding series:

  1. 5 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me
  2. How I Start Every Day
  3. These People Have Made the Biggest Difference in My Life
  4. The Top Lessons I've Learned ... Off the Field
  5. All the Books I Plan on Reading This Year
  6. A Letter to My Younger Self

The key here is to create "evergreen" content for the onboarding series, so they remain relevant and interesting today, tomorrow, next week, next month and even six-to-12 months from when these emails were created.

Create additional, scalable income streams via Blake's website.

While team contracts and sponsorship deals are an integral part of an athlete's overall income, there are several more opportunities to generate additional, scalable income via an athlete brand.

And, the best part is: Athletes no longer have to put all of their financial destiny in the hands of teams and sponsors, which don't always have the athletes' best interest in mind.

For Blake, these income streams include:

  • E-commerce
  • Affiliate marketing programs
  • A membership club
  • Multi-level online sponsorship and endorsement packages

Watch the athlete brand website tour of Blake Griffin's website: