'The Future Definitely Lies in Original Content That Is Athlete-Driven'

Photo Courtesy: Tammie Scott

Photo Courtesy: Tammie Scott

Prior to joining Grutman Sports & Entertainment in 2017 as the Director of Marketing, Tammie Scott spent five years with the NFL Players Association’s for-profit subsidiary NFL Players Inc. and helped launched the organization’s content business, ACE Media.

Tammie, what are you most excited about today?

I’m extremely excited to be part of a boutique sports marketing agency, where myself and my team really get to focus on refining the brands of the athletes and companies we work with.

Aside from that, I’ve recently re-launched a non-profit organization with a friend of mine, Bigger Than Sneakers, which provides a platform to showcase the larger ecosystem surrounding sneaker culture, while inspiring youth and young adults through various workshops and philanthropic initiatives.

On another note, the current state of women excelling in the sports world and the future of the industry is also super exciting to me. It’s inspiring to see so many sports business organizations, such as players’ associations, teams and brands, embrace women in leadership roles. Although we still have a very long way to go, it’s a great sign of social progression as well.

How does Tammie define an epic athlete brand?

An epic athlete brand in my opinion is one word — authentic. People already know you’re an athlete, so it’s important to connect and engage with your fans and potential brand partners by sharing other elements of who you are in a very organic way.

This is what allows influence to grow, and essentially presents more opportunities to maximize earning potential off the field of play during and post career.

What's your favorite athlete brand at the moment, and why?

I’ve always felt that the perfect example of an awesome athlete brand is that of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He was able transcend being “just a wrestler” by nurturing another passion — acting — and completely owning that!

When you look across the athlete brand landscape, what's the one thing you think more athletes should be doing?

Creating and owning original content. With social networks and so many media outlets readily at our fingertips, athletes should be creating their own narratives.

What’s your best advice for athletes who want to kickstart their personal brands?

Take advantage of social media platforms to humanize yourself and show your audience what you want them to know about you. Post regularly. Think outside of the box when it comes to working with brands and align with those that make sense for you.

For football players in particular, the average playing career lasts only a few years. It’s important to discover other passions and work toward those as well; in the offseason, seek internships, connect with industry leaders and develop genuine relationships.

What’s the number-one tool you’re using right now?


Based on your knowledge and expertise, what's the future of athlete branding and marketing?

Content is king. The future definitely lies in original content that is athlete-driven. During my time at the NFL Players Association, I assisted with the launch of its media company, ACE Media, and was really able to see how well brands and fans embrace sports lifestyle content.